Meet my tiny-eyed self.

Hello! My name is Tomilola and as you probably already know, I have tiny eyes. I get teased a lot about it but then it helps me see life differently than others. This is my second blog in life. I deleted the first one because I became quite inconsistent so I hope I’m able to commit to this one. Anyway, this is my first post so I would just be telling you random facts about me that I hope would help you get to know me better.


  • I like to write. Anything ranging from poetry to random social commentary. I just really like to put my pen to paper and express what I see.
  • I hate delay. It gives me anxiety so please if you ever meet me, don’t keep me waiting.
  • I loooooove plantain. Beautiful beautiful plantain.
  • I am an absolute God lover.
  • I only have knowledge of music. I can’t sing to save my life.


  • My cheer up meal is chicken and chips
  • I have good friends. The absolute best actually.
  • Okayyy on friendship, I could be a very loyal friend. Even to the disloyal ones.
  • I can only speak 2 languages (English & Yoruba) but I hope to learn 28 more someday.
  • I drink waayyyyyyy too much Ice Tea.
  • I once fell out of a moving tricyle (Keke Maruwa). No, I was not sleeping.



  • I’m afraid of dogs.
  • I’m a sucker for mushy love stories. Those ones where boy meets girl, they fall in love, scale hurdles together and live happily ever after. Yeah…that kind.
  • I don’t know my favourite food. I just say different stuff all the time.
  • I don’t know my favourite colour either. I just can’t decide.
  • When I was younger, I thought there were giants living on our roof and that eggs grow on trees.

Soo yes. That’s it. Please do drop a comment…let me get to know you too. Thank you for reading.


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