Dear Wallet, See Your Mates!!! 

You know how they say there would always be someone hotter or better than your girlfriend or boyfriend. There’s always someone who can do more for you than your man or woman.  And that’s where loyalty comes in🙄🙄. Well, I had one of those moments yesterday. No, not with my boyfriend; with my wallet…which is the closest thing I have to a boyfriend anyways..sigh. And yes, I use a wallet not a purse. Don’t judge me – it’s easier to arrange money. 😏

Soo…I was on my way to ATM to withdraw the last one thousand naira in my account. I was praying in my heart that I had not reached the three-time-limit for withdrawal on other banks’ ATM in a month because that would mean I had to pay 65 naira, which would reduce the money in my account to 940 naira and ultimately make me unable to take my last 1k.

I was lost in my own thoughts when I suddenly heard loud clanging sounds behind me. Apparently, a woman who was passing by, mistakenly knocked off a market woman’s rice bowls which she carefully arranged for  sale. If you live in Lagos, then you know how those women selling DeRicas of rice arrange it in pyramids. Something like this:


Well, somehow all the rice was on the floor.

The woman whose rice was knocked down immediately began shouting and holding the other woman’s wrapper to pay her money for the wasted rice. People had gathered and some were even recording the show. After all, that would probably be their only source of entertainment for the day. Trust me, I stood too, watching and waiting to see the end of the matter.

After some time, we noticed a young guy trying to push through the crowd to get to the woman. He was well dressed. Not extravagantly…just average. He looked just about my age. Tall, dark and handsome…yeah I noticed…don’t judge me.

Anyway, he finally got to the front and started speaking to the rice seller in Yoruba, telling her to leave the other woman alone. The woman responded saying she wouldn’t leave her alone until she gets her money. And like in the movies,  he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out his wallet.

Now this is where it gets crazy. It was identical to mine! Infact I had to look at my wallet to be sure it wasn’t mine. But I was convinced it wasn’t mine when he opened it and counted 15 crisp one thousand naira notes and gave it to the rice seller. He then counted another five and gave it to the woman who poured the rice away. Needless to say there were still a lot of crisp notes in that wallet and I had to hold myself back from going to pour away the pepper from the woman selling pepper at the next stall. I could use an extra five thousand naira in my life.

I left the scene still in shock and went to the ATM and as I opened my wallet it presented me with my ATM card and the measly 20 naira left inside. All I could think was  “Dear Wallet, see your mates.”
And in that moment, I was probably hallucinating but I clearly heard my wallet reply me and say “Dear Tomi, see your mates.”

It would be an understatement to say that it hurt. But what I knew before hit me again. I can only get out of my wallet what I put into it. The same way you can only get out of life what you put into it.

I’ve met people with people with big dreams and there is nothing wrong with that. It only becomes a problem when they  are unwilling to make the sacrifices for the things they want. Yet they expect it to happen. And when nothing happens, like me, they blame their wallet instead of themselves. They blame life instead of putting in more effort. I’ve learnt in life that nothing truly great is achieved effortlessly and even though sometimes life knocks one down, it is indeed willing to pay you back for your investments. Only one question…”Exactly how much are you willing to invest?” because in the words of L.M Montgomery, “It is not what the world holds for you but what you bring to it.”

We’ve probably all had that Dear Wallet moment. The one where you’re momentarily disappointed in the content of your wallet😂. Please share  your thoughts and some of these moments with me in the comments section. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Thank you for reading.

Much Love😍

Your tiny-eyed storyteller.



32 thoughts on “Dear Wallet, See Your Mates!!! 

  1. Honestly I’m just sitting here suspecting the guy that just felt the need to dash money.
    Interesting story… I would have picked the guy up sha…

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  2. Omg!!!!! This is a wonderful one. Thank you Tomi for once again inspiring me with the gift God has given you. I cant believe that once agin you have described my life. God bless you tomilola. Please do not let where you are now inhibit the great place God is preparing for you.

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  3. I’m sharing this.
    I love 😍😍.
    Thanks for letting us draw from your gift. It’s a combination of laughter and wisdom.


  4. Wow! Tomi dear, i like the fact that you keep getting better daily, you have grown to be a beautiful woman with fine brains..loool, and the write up? brilliant!

    Thank you for reminding us that we can’t just sit and expect our dreams to come alive or our visions to become a reality without putting our best and working for it! Hope you were able to withdraw the #1000 note o #smiles

    Love you dear!
    the blog itself is beautiful!
    Well done!

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    1. I was able to withdraw my 1k ooo thank you lol. Thank you so so much. I really appreciate your feedback 😍😍 Love you too plenty


  5. Omo..
    The day I had this “Dear Wallet” issue was when I wanted to send my cousin on an errand. Thinking I had cash. I opened my wallet and immediately closed it back so my cousin wouldn’t see and I told her I wasn’t interested in eating anymore.
    Cos I had previously boasted all the
    way from church to the house on how I was gonna buy that stuff.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that adulthood has its ups and downs.
    I had previously longed for the ups and neglected the “downs” part.

    God help us all.

    Nice write up Tomi.

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  6. Dear wallet, I am not looking for crisp note like that guy’s own ooo. All I need is #1000 notes. They don’t have to crisp oo. I am not too demanding
    Nice one Tomi👍

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  7. Lmaooo, all the time. But with me sometimes it’s my body. Kourtney-like body dreams. But you get what you put in and I put in ice cream and pizza. When I researched kourtneys diet, I rethought my life. At the end of the day, I cannot come and go and die!

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  8. I always say “It’s only someone who has more than enough that can be tempted to buy stuff 😁”. What could you have done to help that woman’s situation if not just look? 😋

    Oh well, becoming an adult is only receiving alerts when you have worked for it. It’s time soak your wallet with garri maybe it will swell

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