I once posted this story on my medium page and I thought it would be fun to post it here too. Have a good read.

This is just a story of how my ‘long throat’ (or ‘longer throat’ as I used to call it in primary school) almost put me in trouble. It was my sister’s call to bar ceremony and I was going from Lagos to Abuja by air. I actually blackmailed my mum to pay for my ticket. She expected me to go by road??? Like seriously, a big girl like me (If I hear!)

Haha…anyways, we had just boarded the plane and I had just called my sister to tell her we would soon take off. I switched off my phone and I was putting it in my bag when I heard the familiar “This is Aero flight JKF26 going from Lagos to Abuja. We would be landing in Nnamdi Azikiwe airport in about 50 minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts and put off all wireless devices. Passengers sitting at 11A and 11F, please note that you are seated at the emergency exits. In case of any emergency, you are expected to pull the doors in an upward motion and then throw. You are to make sure every passenger safely exits before you close or attempt to go out. If you feel uncomfortable with this, please signal any of the hostesses and they will change your seats. Thank you for choosing Aero, have a safe flight”.

In my mind I was like

I meaaann…it was all these regular flight instructions and so in my lexicon, it was meaningless or let’s just say it was in the category of those boring ‘in-case-of-emergency’ instructions.

Batwoman in this case…

So me I knew I could not die sha. But this time, it all suddenly made sense when I looked up and it was “11 A” staring boldly at me. My first reaction was


I would say I was overwhelmed or maybe submerged but sincerely that would not exactly describe how I felt. As the big girl that I am, I tried forming cool kid but mehnnn, this was too much sensory input for me. I wanted to raise my hand immediately and signal the lady with her cute navy blue cap to change my seat but we all know how hands work na, (especially when you need it to make the decision for you) it just refused to raise itself. I spent the whole 50 minutes journey somewhere in the middle of this

What have i gotten myself into???

and this

More like calculating my moves for when the plane crashed

See me questioning myself and calculating the answers in my head…What do these people know about me? How would they put the lives of about 50 other people in my hands? What if something really happens? How many people will I save? Will they be thankful I was seated there or would I be responsible for the deaths of people this many? Just so you know, these were just a few, I mean a few of the thoughts going through my mind throughout the journey with my other body parts definitely enjoying the pounding rhythm of my heartbeat because it never seemed to stop. This was me begging my heartbeat to cooperate

My sigh of relief when the plane landed was definitely priceless and I was mentally making a list of horrible things I would pick over having that experience all over again. But then I was back to being a cool kid so i just carried my bag like


And walked out confidently even though in mind i was like

So after the whole thing sha, that image did not leave my head. It began to occur to me that the whole thing was actually the way life worked. Life as a christian to be precise. I know right now you’re probably like

And that’s more reason you should read this to the end. You know the only difference between that experience and actual life? This time, the captain knows you. He knows who you are. He knows your weakness. He knows your strengths. Yet, He chose you. He put you at that emergency exit.

Evangelism may be hard but watching people you love go to hell is harder. It is your responsibility to tell them about Jesus. He would  not come down Himself to do it. No, you can’t make them believe but You need to do your part first so the Holy Spirit can do His. So ask yourself what you are doing with this responsibility you have been given. What would happen when the plane crashes? (because this is one plane that definitely will). How many people would you be able to account for to the captain? How many people would be saved because you told them about Jesus? I know for one thing that experience rearranged my mindset on soul winning and kept me this way for like two weeks straight.

And just last week someone was telling me the bible did not mention his name to be the one to evangelize and I’m like

Let us pray for wisdom from above..

He might not have mentioned your exact name but He sure did mention your position like they did on that airplane. I have been called, you have been called, we have been called. Let’s do this guys, let’s put the passengers on board in perspective and not just neglect what the captain specifically told each and everyone of us to do. Let’s make soul winning priority A.

For the record, the next time I was supposed to go to Abuja and my mum offered to pay for my flight I’m like “Sorry what is a plane? Who invented it? How does it work????


Lol so yesss….that’s my story! What’s your scary plane story? Share with me in the comments section.

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Much love,

Your tiny eyed storyteller.

4 thoughts on “EMERGENCY EXIT!

  1. Great post you’ve got here!
    My own experience was when I was to fly from Lagos to Sokoto(for camp), that was how I din’t know that planes rise and land the way they do oo. They were to stop over at Abuja to drop some people and pick others, so, there were rose and landed twice. Those times were like horror film.
    “An asmatic patient can’t stand this” , I thought to myself. Someone beside me was having a rising-attack or was it panic attack. Everything was fine when we finally steadied in the air.
    When we got to Abuja, I was enjoying the looks of the green grass. We dropped off and picked people and flew off again…another panic attack (not real…but showing physically on us…newbie flyers…that same…this is aero contractors flying from Lagos to Sokoto…stopping over at Abuja…them demonstrating safety rules, which I feared I might need to use (I din’t get to need them sha).
    I obviously knew when we entered Sokoto even before they announced the decent…arid lands and while we were descending, I thought we were headed for the rocks 😂😂😂
    And behold we hit the land of Sokoto with a bang but I was no longer shocked because at Abuja, I was close to screaming as I thought the plane had crashed but when I looked around and saw everyone quiet, I held my piece.
    It was all fun and when I was coming back from kebbi via Sokoto, I still took flight oo.
    I preferred the fright of air to travelling for 36 hours by road after a stressful camp and risking being robbed.
    Well, this time around, the journey was smoother and as a matter of fact, while the plane took off from Abuja, I rested my head and took a cool nap. Even, when I opened my eyes in the same rising state, I still din’t feel anything. It was beautiful seeing God’s creation from up there 😂😂😂
    Chai…what a long story 😂😂😂

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  2. Hmmmmmmmm…..
    On point.
    So mine was sometime ago when the whole family was to travel from Kano to Lagos I think. Then they said the plane had a problem and an engineer was called to fix it. But then people were still scared to enter the plane because of fear that what if something happened while on air…. there’s no place to park on air and fix it. So that’s how I saw my mum really queuing o to enter… and I said to myself if my mum is not afraid why shall I fear??💁 and we entered the plane and landed safely.
    Ps. Some people still didn’t enter. Their Faith could not carry them😀

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