Hello people! It’s been a while since I’ve been here and I really missed posting on the blog. I missed all of you readers, subscribers and faithful ‘commenters’ (shout out to Promise, Modupe, Banke, Praise, Blessing, Ayomide, Treasure, Ozioma and all the other regular commenters I didn’t mention). Y’all are forever amazing.

One of my last posts was telling you about C.I.T.Y Camp but I could not exactly post a lot about it because of the work we had to do. I haven’t really posted since I got back either because I had to make up for all the things I could not do and left pending while in camp.

Haha! Okay you got me. That was me making excuses. I’ve been super lazy to write anything and I don’t even understand it myself. I’ve even been keeping busy with other things just to convince myself that I’m doing other stuff and that’s why I have not been posting on the blog. Btw, Camp was funnnnnnn!

Well, lazy time is over now and here I am giving you the 411 and just life updates basically. Let’s go!

So a few things have changed:

Keeping My Hair

My hair is growing (even though shrinkage is real).

I’m thinking of keeping it, so no more haircuts for now. This means I would be sharing some of the products I would be using on here and reviewing them. I’m only doing this natural life for like 6 months though. If I like it, I would continue but if I don’t, I’d go back to experimenting haircuts.

Almost Done with NYSC

NYSC is almost over! Yup. I’m super excited about this. Can’t wait to stop going for CDS and clearance and all those other things. The only things I’d miss are my allowee and some of my CDS (Lagos Brigade Band) members.

Other than that, I really want it to end so I can travel, take up whatever job I want and so on.

New Content

I’ve been thinking of a lot more content for the blog and top on my mind are travel posts and more reviews. Let me know if these are things you would love to see (or if there’s something else you’ll like to see). I would really like your input because this blog is for you. 100%. So feel free. You can also send emails to

I think that’s about it for now. I’m really happy I could post today. Please don’t forget to drop your comments about new content. Oh! And if you missed me too, don’t be shy. Just drop a comment. Haha! Thank you and welcome back. See you in my next post.

Much love,

Your tiny-eyed storyteller.

14 thoughts on “LIFE UPDATE: WHO MISSED ME?

  1. Hey….. I missed your posts. But thanks for rubbing it in our faces that you’re passing out next month. Some of us that are passing out next year March should do what? I want to cut my hair too cos of you… Partly.

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  2. Saying I missed you would be a lie as I only just followed your blog today. However, you know I’ve always loved ya and love to read your posts.

    Anyway, I have finally joined the bloggers gang so please follow back and like my posts. I also look forward to seeing your comments.

    Your fav Sis.

    P.S: I need ideas on interesting blogs to follow.

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