Yaaaaassss people!!! I have gotten my certificate and I have hung my boots. NYSC is over! It actually feels like yesterday that I was writing my camp chronicles but in reality, a whole year has passed. No more CDS. No more clearance. No more allowance from the Federal Government. No more PPA. No more free days during the week. No more “a lot of things”. Some good, some not-so-good. I don’t even know how to feel. One thing I’m realizing is that Nigeria as a student is different from Nigeria as a graduate. Let me tell you about post-NYSC life.

First of all, you are either extremely stressed or under-stressed (Booorreedddd). I’ll explain. If you have been retained or you have gotten a job so quickly, you are now a permanent staff. You no longer have the liberty of having free days on CDS days. Plus, you have to work harder and more seriously now because it’s not just NYSC anymore.

If you are still searching for a job, you are either spending all your energy searching for one or waiting on the places you’ve applied to call you back. So you’re sleeping and waking up everyday bored and wondering “God, is this how my life is going to be?”

It might have been cool if that was all, but it is not. You also have to endure those who are ‘congratulating’ you. I say “endure” because the congratulations are almost always followed by the dreaded question: “So what’s next?” Ugghh!!! I’ve been asked this so much that my head hurts now everytime someone asks me this.

Just in case you’re one of those asking people such, please stop it! It is annoying! If we are not close like that, don’t ask me what’s next.  If you don’t have job for me, don’t ask me what’s next. While some people know exactly what to do, some don’t have it figured out yet. Your questions are just unnecessary pressure on people who are already under pressure. Instead, pray for us to find our way and succeed in whatever we decide.

Then people will now be telling you “welcome to real world”. Same thing they told us after primary school, secondary school and even university. Now, they are telling us the same thing after NYSC again. Please which one is the real REAL world?

Oh! Did I also mention that they will now start asking when you are bringing husband? Nobody should disturb me please. My husband is on his way.

And then there is you yourself. Away from the pressure of everybody, you begin to put pressure on yourself. I know the feeling and it is not pretty. Hey fresh ex-corper, or not, don’t put so much pressure on yourself that you become your own enemy. It’s real. Most people are their own greatest enemies and they don’t even know.

Here are some signs that you are being your own enemy:

  • You depend on other people for assurance and accolades.

Darling, God is all the assurance that you need. You have all the accolades you need. If you are waiting for other people to give you assurance and accolades, you’ll get frustrated from waiting.

  • You talk yourself down so it doesn’t hurt when other people do.

Talking yourself down is not being modest. Don’t do that to yourself. Say this “I believe in myself and my dreams. I am doing my best and I will make it happen because I am royalty.” Now, raise your head like the king/queen that you are and get to work.

  • You put yourself in impossible situations to please other people.

It is easy to get carried away by what other people want from you instead of focusing on what you want from yourself. Don’t break your back just to please other people.

  • You set unrealistic goals

This can be very soul-dampening. Unrealistic goals would make you believe that you are not making any progress and are useless. The harsh critics in your head would make you feel small and lazy. Set smaller and achievable milestones for yourself and celebrate those.

  • You wait for someone else to save/fix you

If it’s not Jesus you are waiting on, then you are wrong. Stop waiting for people to get you out of things you find yourself. Act. Fix things.

  • You pretend because you want people to like you

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is stopping your true self from shining through. Being yourself does not mean refusing self-development. It means being the best version of yourself that you can be.

  • You are waiting for ‘ginger’ to come before you do something

If you keep waiting to be gingered, then you’ll be waiting a long time.

  • You’d rather stay in your comfort zone because you can’t risk losing.

You prefer the easy way out. You’d rather not try at all than try and lose. That’s a wrong mentality. You might not always win but there’s at least something to learn for every time you try. Don’t underestimate the power of trying.

  • You doubt yourself.

You don’t even believe in your own self? Definitely an enemy. Please believe in yourself. You can do it.

Andddd……that’s it. NYSC is over. We face the real REAL world now! Oh! how could I forget? I will miss my friends from NYSC. I really hope we keep in touch considering how bad I am at that.

That’s it people! Decide to stop being your own enemy today and let’s soar together! Thoughts? Drop a comment and let’s talk.

Much love,

Your tinyeyed storyteller.


  1. Great post but one more to “endure”, lol…

    The beautiful of it all is to keep moving. For real though, I think the REAL LIFE is the one after NYSC in the Nigerian context. Lol. But we all experience it differently and uniquely.


  2. I can totally relate Tomi. The sad aprt some people ask these questions just to mock you. I legit kept one of my cousins on R because of this. I also think another way to reduce the pressure is to get something doing, one could volunteer, take a professional course it something that makes you happy. I really love this post and I keep myself in the picture❣️❣️


  3. Thank you Tomi. This is wonderful! I really think I needed to read this (I dont know if it makes sense) even though I havent even served. Service or not, just the fact that you’re out of school, I believe, is the beginning of that pressure. Beautiful one, Babe


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