On the subject of me…

I am Tomi of Lagos. Born and bred in the fast city – Lagos, Nigeria.

I’m obsessed with living life to the fullest, being the best version of myself, and helping everyone else do the same.

I’m always armed with the best chop-life tips, personal growth advice, and absolutely good vibes!

Don’t worry, I’m not a motivational speaker.

My posts either tell you how I live my life or how best to live yours. There is no in-between!

When I’m not hanging out with my friends, you’d find me desk-bound, writing to my heart’s content.


Blogger 💻

I blog sometimes. That’s kuku what is making me do all this serenren for About Page. Premium chop-life tips on my blog…

Check it out!

Screenwriter 📝

I do usually write screenplays sometimes, so I’m available if you want to give me job. In the meantime, here’s one I wrote…

Watch Deja Vu on Fojo TV

Job owner 👩🏾‍💻

I have a full-time job at a fintech startup that many know and love. I’m a slightly different person at work sha *coughs*…

For the culture, this is me at work…

“The goal is to die empty.”

not sure who said it but yaaassssss!!!

Email – hi@tomioflagos.com