10 things you NEED to stop caring about! 


Too much of anything is the beginning of a mess.
– Dorothy Draper

I’m a very caring person by nature and I know a lot of people are too. But I have to admit that sometimes, I care too much. And like they say, too much of anything is the beginning of a mess. And so big was the mess, when I gave myself headache day in day out because I wanted a certain group of people to like me. But then I thought, I can’t be wasting paracetamol giving myself  headache over needless things when there are more important things to worry about.  I had to decide on the things that actually needed my attention and I did. Meet my list of things we NEED to stop caring about if we really want to conserve paracetamol. Here goes:
1. Social media followership.

I have to admit, it does feel good to have followers in thousands on social media, 1000 likes on your pictures and thousands of retweets on a simple ‘hey’ but what if you don’t? It’s definitely not a crime nor is it the end of the world except you’re a social media strategist, in which case,  good luck. But to the rest of you guys, calm down, relax… It’s just social media.

2. Those who talk about you “behind your back“.

Someone once said to pay no attention to those who talk behind your back because that’s where they’ll always be and that’s where they belong -behind you. Worrying about what people say about you when you’re not there wouldn’t change anything. You would only be stressing yourself.

3. Whether or not you look as good as someone else.

What really matters is that you like how you look and you’re comfortable with it.

4. Whether or not somebody likes you.

Especially when they have absolutely no say in your life. Sweetheart, keep doing you. Not everyone can like you. Never. Ever. You’re not jollof rice.

5. Being single or dating.

Please never rush into a relationship because everyone else around you is in one and it makes you feel somehow. Same goes for those who end relationships because all their ‘friends’ are single (yes I’ve seen this happen). It doesn’t matter who is single or who is dating. What matters is that you’re happy.

6. Messing up once in a while.

Fun fact: We all mess up once in a while. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Get up, dust yourself and try again.

7. Friends that left you.

Hey, if they were your friends at some point then they were there for a reason. If they aren’t anymore, then that’s for a reason too.

8. Rejection

You can’t afford to care too much about rejection especially as an adult. You’re probably going to get a lot of rejections from life. Jobs, relationships etc. You can’t get yourself worked up over it. That’s just life.

9. Things you don’t have.

If you don’t have something, that doesn’t mean you’ll never get it. Don’t let it get to you. Keep working as hard as you can. Your own time to shine will come.

10. Society

Society sometimes gets us thinking we need to fit into the box it’s created for us. Don’t let society box you. Do you honey. Do you. You’re allowed to be different. You’re allowed to be unique. You’re allowed to do what no one else has done before. Once again,  the important thing is that you are happy.

I really hope we’ll stop stressing ourselves. Because the truth is that most of these things are things we cannot change. So instead of worrying about these, try to focus on things you can actually work on, realizing that sometimes there is no changing some things. Life is short. Do you.

However, like I said, some things actually do need our attention so next week,  I’ll do a post on 10 things you should start caring about. Till then, share with me in the comments section, your own list of things you’ve learnt to stop caring about. Thank you for reading.

Much love,😍

Your tiny eyed storyteller.

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