Keep Moving!

Just a few months back,  I had literally no answer to the question: what is the most scared you have ever been? Fast forward to after NYSC camp. I would now consider the thump thump of my heart as I lay under the bed staring at the soldiers boot so close to my nose as he searched for those hiding away from the daily parade. I didn’t realize I was even holding my breath till he walked out of the room.
I would also consider the day I mistook a soldier for one of the people charging phones and told him to “use original charger ooo”. But in all honesty, the fear on those days probably do not measure up to what I was feeling in this picture.

Maybe I look stable, maybe I don’t, but what you need to know is that I was about 12 ft in the air with only these two ropes to support me. I was moving when I first got on the ropes but for some reason, I suddenly froze.

I tried to move but I could see myself tumbling to the ground. My hands started sweating and got really slippery. My legs started getting weak. And the rhythm of my heart pounding never seemed to stopp. In fact it seemed to be saying “Tomi, this is the end”. My eyes started to turn and I stopped feeling my legs. I just wanted to shout “Tell my mummy I love her”…

I was stuck in this position for almost five minutes and people were waiting to climb but I just couldn’t move. Some of the man o’ war guys then came around. I guess I hoped they would just help me to get down and that would be the end of my ordeal but I didn’t believe what the guy said to me.
He looked up at me and  said “You can’t get down. You have to keep moving.” I’m like “huh? ”

He explained that trying to get me down would offset my balance in some way and I would tumble to the ground before anyone could catch me so I actually had to finish the course and get to the ladder.

I started to cry. Not serious tears but I could feel a flood more burning behind my eyes.

I finally opened my eyes and did what I had to do. I still don’t exactly remember what I did differently other than to move. I went slower than I started but I moved. And it turns out that was all I had to do to get to the end and come down the ladder.

It was crazy scary experience but it was also one of the greatest life lessons I learnt. You need to keep moving no matter what and no matter how slow. What matters is that you’re not frozen or stagnant. Just keep moving!

Much love 😍

Your tiny eyed storyteller.

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