#CITYLeadersArise2018 Summer Camp: Day 3

DAY 3 – Morning

Hi guys,

I’m here again. Ready to download the full gist from today. Soo yesterday I forgot to mention that we were divided into squads (both volunteers and leaders). I mentioned that we call the campers leaders since that’s what the camp is all about -making them into leaders.

There are five squads: Amethyst, Garnet, Jasper, Peridot and Topaz. My squad is Jasper. A number of competitions would be taking place throughout the camp period and the ultimate squad would be announced at the end as the winner.

I am presently a part of the monitoring and evaluation team which basically does what the name says -monitor and evaluate but I’m also a part of the media team so yeah I have many roles lol.

I have already made a number of volunteer friends and today I’m looking forward to making leader friends.

We had aerobics this morning and it was sooo much fun. See pictures on HOPE foundation page. Right now, it’s time for breakfast so I’ll be back in the afternoon with more.

I have to go and prepare my squad for the public speaking challenge coming up tagged “speak for change”. The leaders representing each squad are supposed to choose one of the 17 sdgs and present a compelling speech on it. My squad chose education. Let’s see what they have in store.

Day 3 – Night

Sooo today we had workshop sessions. The leaders broke out into different groups according to the workshops they wanted to attend. We had makeup, photography, first aid, writing, public speaking, baking, etc. It was sooo much fun practicing CPR😂😂

The public speaking challenge was amazing. It was so inspiring to see these young leaders present the changes they want to see in the world with so much confidence. My squad (Jasper) came third. Topaz squad won the competition. Let’s hope my team would still come out on top before the end of all the activities for camp.

Oh and before I forget, I made a leader friend today. Her name is Gift and she’s very cute and sweet.

Well, I have media work to do now and a class to facilitate tomorrow so off I go 😁.

I won’t be posting anymore about CITY summer camp on here because there’s hardly any time but you can read all about it directly from HOPE’S blog.

See you guys after camp.

Much love,

Your tiny eyed storyteller

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