Hi Guys! My People!

This is not welcome back! This is ‘I’m sorry’. This is ‘I’m really really sorry’.

A number of people have messaged me to ask why I haven’t put up any post in months. Some have actually confronted me physically as to why I took a break without any notice. So here is my explanation/excuse. It’s not very good but pleassseeee accept it.

So I actually mentioned on my Instagram page that I was taking a break from both Instagram and blogging.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 1.05.45 PM.png

I realised later that some of you on here are not following me on Instagram so it’s very possible that you guys missed the post. I’m really really sorry about that. I should have stated expressly on the blog that I was taking a break.

So guysss here is the official notice. I’m on a break. I’ll be back really soon. Just putting things in place to give YOU a better experience. For instance, when I get back, we’ll be at tomioflagos.com. I’m actually really excited about this so trust me when I say I’m eager to get back.

If you want to know when tomioflagos.com goes live, kindly visit the link and drop your email address. You’ll be the first to know the moment we go live.

Thank you guys for sticking with me. You are the real MVPs! And hey! Follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss any other notice.

See you when we launch. Till then, have fun!

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