Best Pork Ribs in Lagos – Food Shack, Restaurant Review

If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I’m always making a list of new places to eat but somehow, I end up eating at the same 2 or 3 places. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why. Anyways, I finally went somewhere new for the first time in a long while and I decided to hook you guys up (Don’t say I never did anything for you).

I found Food Shack online during one of my numerous searches for a place to eat and I finally decided to go there. The building is not very noticeable at first but it’s located at 32, Ologun Agbaje St, Victoria Island, Lagos. For one thing, I saw a lot of pictures that told me that the ambience there was great. I also saw a bunch of reviews that said their menu was relatively affordable for a restaurant on the island.

I dragged my friends to Food Shack to see for myself. However, I made the mistake of going there hungry starving. Please don’t make the mistake of going to Food Shack when you’re starving because you just might faint before your food comes 😂.

My friends and I spent like five minutes poring over the menu and picking what we wanted. The drinks were sort of overpriced (like almost every restaurant) but I really liked their meal names. It gave this vibe that showed they put effort into naming the meals but they weren’t trying too hard to be cool.

After choosing our meals, we tried to signal the waiter. That’s when I realised there was only one waiter serving that whole floor. Thankfully, it was not a day with a huge crowd so he came back to us after he was done with the two other tables. He took our orders and entered them in his computer and this, my dears, is where the wait began.

We ordered water and soda alongside our meal and waited for about eight minutes before they brought the drinks. We then began to wait for the actual meals. After like 15 minutes, we called out to the guy and asked about our meal. He was actually really nice and he asked us to be patient. I was really hungry so even the waiter’s pleasant demeanour was not enough to make me feel better. The food didn’t come for like another 15 minutes so we used that time to look around the place and take lots of pictures.

Our food finally came and oh well, it was worth the wait. I ordered Shack ribs (basically pork ribs with their bbq sauce) with Shack Fire fries and those were the best pork ribs I’ve had in Lagos. I’ve honestly not had many so if you know a place, please recommend. However, of the few places I’ve had pork ribs, Food Shack takes the cake. After tasting my food, I forgave them for the long waiting time.

My friends ordered the chicken shawarma and the chicken wings and it was also really nice. I guess I can conclude that the food there is great.

Something that I didn’t notice at the beginning was a tiny disclaimer on the menu that a service charge of 10% will be added to your total bill. It wasn’t so much of a big deal but it did kind of take me by surprise seeing as I only noticed it like halfway into my meal 😂 and it can be a lot of money depending on what you order.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my meal. The food was quite filling and the shawarma was large too. If you’re looking for somewhere to hang with friends, take great pictures, have a nice meal and probably the best pork ribs in Lagos, Food Shack is the place to go. If you’re looking for somewhere to rush into to quench your hunger, uhm…it might not be your best option.


  • Best Pork Ribs I’ve ever had. The food is generally nice tbh.
  • Relatively affordable menu
  • Great ambience (fire pictures)
  • Cool hangout spot
  • Pleasant staff


  • Slow service. Very slow service.
  • 10% Service charge 😂

And that’s it about Food Shack. I enjoyed eating there and I’d definitely go back there A LOT. If you’ve been to Food Shack before, did you have a similar experience? If you didn’t, please let me know what your experience was like. Also, if there’s any place you’d like me to check out or review, do let me know.


Tomi of Lagos.

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