5 of my favourite Naija bloggers | #WinterABC #Day7

Hi my darling!

How are you? Are you keeping safe? I truly hope you are. If you do not feel great or need someone to talk to, please know you can reach out to me. Also, my DMs are always open on Instagram and Twitter. I’ll be glad to hear from you anytime.

Today I’ll be sharing a list of five of my favourite Nigerian bloggers. I’ve met many amazing bloggers on my blogging journey and some of them have gone past that to become my friends. So, some of the people on this list are not just bloggers I know. They have actually become my really good friends!

ONE – Jovi

My Number One favourite blogger is Jovi of Jovi’s Not So Secret Diary. I met Jovi from one time when she read one of my posts and loved it. She dropped a comment and I went straight to her blog from the comments like I usually do. On her blog, she shares her thoughts about different things she’s passionate about and she doesn’t hold back. That’s one of the things I like the most about Jovi. She’s passionate about the things she loves and you can tell from her writing. Her blog is very relatable and I can hardly find a post on her blog that doesn’t leave me either in deep thought or uproarious laughter.

TWO – Diary of A Naija Girl

I’ve followed Diary of A Naija Girl on Instagram for the longest time now and she’s one of the bloggers I really look up to in terms of personal development content. She always posts truly inspiring content and I totally admire how consistent she has remained right from time.

THREE – Simi

Another of my faves is Simi of Travel with Simi. Simi is basically an Ajala Travel and she documents her travel experiences on her blog and her Instagram page. We even did a Lagos tour together last December which I shared on my YouTube channel. She’s an amazing blogger and an even closer friend so she definitely makes my list of favourite bloggers.

FOUR – Fisayo

The Fisayo is an award-winning travel blogger whose travel posts I love reading so much, not just because of how much I love travelling but also because of how intentional her storytelling is. I would defs love to travel with her someday so I can finally give you guys a super duper travel post. Fingers crossed 🤞🏾

FIVE – Onyinye

Onyinye is a beauty and fashion blogger. She’s another blogger I’ve followed for a while and I absolutely love her style and her consistency too. She always gives quality content and that’s one thing I would always admire about her.


Wisdom is not a blogger but she has a YouTube channel that I spend hours on so she truly deserves this honourable mention. Check out The Sonibare Wisdom on YouTube. I promise, you’d love her channel too!

While there are so many more bloggers I love, I, unfortunately, cannot start listing all of them. We won’t leave this place. 😂 Anyways, I hope I’m on your list of favourite bloggers. If not, I will find you and I will….Just kidding! Stay safe my darling!


Tomi of Lagos.

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