Naturalista Baby Girl | #WinterABC #Day10

Hi my darling!

I hope you’re still holding up fine. Remember it’s okay to take a break for yourself and come back strong enough to fight for everything that truly matters.

Today, Winter ABC asked us to say which brand we’d love to work with/ represent and I didn’t even have to think twice. Immediately I read the topic for today, I said to myself – Natural Nigerian. I wasn’t even thinking of any other brand! 😂

I’ve followed and loved the Natural Nigerian Brand for the longest time. I like to think it’s because I’m a naturalista, stuck in my natural hair and organic skincare ways. But honestly, that is not all.

First of all, they always give the best naturalista tips and I’m not even joking. The latest one is a blunder I had been making for so long and once I saw it, I had to get myself a new spray bottle. Their Instagram page helps my life basically.

Also, I’ve read every single review of their products and there is no other conclusion – IT WORKS! The best (and only) type of brand’s product to represent is one that works and they do just that.

Let’s not forget how socially conscious they are. That’s another thing I’m really big on, so it gladdens my heart to know that they truly and deeply care! 😁

Lastly, I know that I’d be able to create unique content for their brand because *waves hand* hellooo….Naturalista baby girl over here! All that natural hair, skincare sturvs, anything that makes natural life easy, I loveeeet! Layyyy it on meeeeee.

Now let me ask, which brand would you like to see me work with??? I’d be watching the comments.


Tomi of Lagos

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