Five Types of People I Avoid on Social Media

I happen to love social media. It is such a fun place to be and as much as it can be time wasting and addictive, some of the most influential connections you would ever make would be through social media. But, every rose has its thorn and social media is no exception. Despite the wide array of great people on there, we still have those ones who make it downright annoying to be on social media. These people are my least favourite people on social media and I try so much to avoid them. So this is a list in no particular order.

1. The Argument Gurus
The ones who consistently argue on social media.
Agreed. There are some times people make some very ignorant comments on social media and you have to correct their foolishness once in a while.  However, some people have made it their life jobs to consistently argue with people on social media over pointless and meaningless things. If you ever meet these kind of people online, please just remember to stay away before they infect you with their ignorance. Let them enjoy and revel in it. Your argument won’t change the price of garri in the market.
And if you’re part of the argument club, it just tells people that you have no life. Please and please, just bring it down a notch.

2. The ‘Haturrrss’
The ones who can never be happy for anybody.
So these ones are not even haters – I won’t call them that – I’ll just call them sad people. They can never be happy for anybody because they are not happy with themselves. It is one thing to not be happy and just scroll past but it is another thing when you bring your hateful comments to the person’s page. Celebrities are usually on the receiving end of this sadly. Most of them have developed a tough skin against all this and have begun to thrive in the school of savagery. Still, if you can’t be happy for someone just scroll past abeg. No one is begging you to comment. Keep your ‘opinions’ to yourselves.

3 Notice me Gang
The ones who always want to be noticed.
These ones just want everyone to know that they are around so they are everywhere making noise up and down, putting mouth in both the one that does and doesn’t concern them. They always hop on every trend and gist just to remain social media relevant. Smh.

4. Transformers
The ones who are only trying to impress.

Their goal in life is to impress and so they fake it till they make it (if they ever make it). They’ll say their 2k shoe is 200k on social media. They’ll post VIP ticket and say the concert was lit when they were just part of ticket-tearing security. See, calm doowwnnnnn. When you make it, you won’t need to convince people that you have.

5. The Sadists.
The ones who must spoil things.
This is coming last because I’m sometimes a part of this group *sobs* These ones would not let people enjoy things. They must sha spoil it for the rest of the world.
They see a cute tweet with like 1k retweets where everyone is like ‘awwww they’re so cute’ or ‘ I want this kind of love’ then they come and say ‘Oh they broke up two weeks after this tweet’. Like Shhhhhhhhh!!!!! Let people enjoy things 😂😂
I’m changing, believe me I am. But until then, don’t retweet your cute tweets onto my TL. Lool. I’m totally kidding. I am a changed person.

Sooo this brings me to the end of my list. Thank you for reading. Please drop a comment and let me know your thoughts on social media and the different types of people on here.


One thought on “Five Types of People I Avoid on Social Media

  1. I used to be the type with the lawyers degree… As in they could use my comments to call me into the bar association 😭😭😭


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