I’m graduating with almost 30 billion in my account!

Soo I put this post on my medium page about two months ago after I left school at the end of my final semester in university. Well this past week was my convocation week and I decided to put up the post again on my blog. Have a good read.

Whatever is too big for your mind is too big for your hand. In other words, you can’t become big, until you dream big. This was what I repeatedly told myself as I aimed at what I wanted my account balance to look like by graduation. I made this decision in my 3rd year so I had limited time to put together this amount of money. I knew I had to hustle it out and boyyyyy did I hustle…I had to let go of some things I couldn’t do without before. Most times I don’t buy food from cafe and when I do, it’s usually once a day. Those who know me would know that this must have been one of my greatest challenges because my love for food is unrivaled but I didn’t care. I was determined to be a billionaire by graduation and that was all that mattered.

By the time I was in 400 level, the money in my billionaire account had gone from zero naira to almost a hundred thousand naira (somebody say progress😂😂😂). Unfortunately, this progress did not last as final year was not as rosy as I expected. I thought ‘less courses, less spending’ because if you’re in a department like mine, you’ll spend more money on assignments and projects than on food and regular upkeep. If you’re like me and you didn’t get special money for these expenses, you’d be spending a large part of your allowance on school work.

I thought this was going to end in final year since there were less courses but it was worse and I spent even more on my project. This led to me not only putting a halt on building my billionaire account but also removing from it. By omega(2nd) semester, I was sure my billionaire account was never going to be what it was really made to be but still I began again. I started saving more and by the time we were leaving school, my billionaire account was enough to… I won’t even say 😂😂😂

But to answer the question on everyone’s minds, No. I don’t have 30 billion in the akant. I still call it my billionaire account though because I know it was made to house billions and one day it will 😂😂 This is why I’m saying I have almost 30 billion in my account because well, it would soon be 30billion. My account will fulfill destiny in Jesus name.

I know my story is not inspirational but then experience isn’t always the best teacher. Sometimes hear and learn and don’t make the same mistake. Me I learnt from experience sha and I will share even if you already know.

  1. Save. Invest. Have back up.
  2. Start early.
  3. If you really need some extra money and your parents can afford to give it to you, please ask. (I almost killed myself trying to be independent). Keyword: Need.
  4. Motivational speakers are not lying but your dreams can be unrealistic if you have no reasonable strategy to achieve it but if you have a strategy that is feasible, then it is not impossible.
  5. Make plans. I had no plans for my billionaire account. I didn’t even know what I wanted to use the money for. I just wanted it to multiply 😭😭😭 Please don’t be like me.

In conclusion, please pray for my billionaire account to fulfil destiny. We are just about 29,999,834,268 naira away from the goal😂😂😂

If you’re still reading, thank you for staying till the end. I’ll give you out of my 30 billion when it comes. Peace ✌🏼️

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