Maybe I’m not as awesome as I thought: How to cope with writers’ block.


Sometimes I’m so convinced that I am not the awesome writer that I think I am. I actually have good cause to think so because there are times I feel like I have hit a wall when writing. Like I literally have nothing to write and I start thinking of other hobby options because writing is apparently not my calling. So you can imagine my excitement when I learnt that it happens to almost everybody. Yeah…it is most commonly known as writers’ block. If it has been worrying you a lot like me, you are not alone. Trust me. It happens to almost every writer both professionals and those who just write as a hobby.

So, let me just say a few things that sometimes help me cope with writers’ block. Disclaimer: These tips haven’t been tested on any subject other than myself.

1. Keep writing

I know this doesn’t make much sense but when I do get blocked I keep writing. Most times I write rubbish or try to rewrite something I have read or written before in a different way. That way I at least have something I’m working with to keep writing. I use this mostly when I have a deadline to meet. The more I write different other unrelated stuff, I get some inspiration concerning what I actually intend to write. However, I can’t say this has worked for me every single time but most times it did work. You don’t really have to make sense yet. Just write something. I usually end up with  a lot of rubbish but at the end, I find my way back on track.


2. Read

What do writers love more than writing? Reading. So pick up something and read. Anything. Just read other stuff for a while before going back to writing. You can decide to read your own writing or other people’s writing. Reading your own writing can give you connecting ideas to what you’ve previously written. While reading other people’s writing can give you new ideas and perspectives to write from. It freshens your mind away from the stress of what you’re currently trying to write.


3. Wait it out

This really is my ultimate coping mechanism. Instead of stressing your already tired brain, just wait it out. The waiting period gives you space. It helps clear your head of possible stress that might have caused the block in the first place. You are able to use the time to think without being under pressure. Just make sure to have some writing means with you at all times because ideas can pop in anytime during the waiting period.


To be honest, I’ve tried a lot of other things to totally get rid of writers’ block and they mostly leave me frustrated. I only put here the ones that have worked for me but people are different so let me know in the comment section what you do to cope with writers’ block.

Note, these are only coping mechanisms. In reality, there is no cure for writers’ block. Writers, save yourselves!!! Ciao.


9 thoughts on “Maybe I’m not as awesome as I thought: How to cope with writers’ block.

  1. Wooow…. 😃😃this is just a wonderful piece… This has opened my eyes and I’ve learnt from this too…..Thank you Tomi❤❤


  2. Great work here. I love the points.

    However waiting for me can be annoying. I feel I’m being lazy or so.

    Someone recently told he wants to write and communicate like me, I just couldn’t cry. I know fully well that I’m functioning “below the dike”.


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