It rained on my parade…literally!!!


This story embodies one of  the most embarrassingly painful times of my life so just sit tight and don’t laugh at me too much.πŸ˜‚ Actually, don’t laugh at all. If you do,  I WILL KNOW. I WILL FIND YOU. AND I WILL BEAT YOU. πŸ™„

Hmmm soo the most silly days of my life were in secondary school. I can’t even fathom the silly things I did back then. Thank God for growth πŸ˜‚. Back then in secondary school, SS1 or 2 precisely, I had a crush. Yes! A crush. He was a class ahead of me and the first moment I saw him, I just knew were were meant to be together. We were going to get married and have 3 children – two boys and a girl- and then leave this country to live on some island in Venice. The only problem with my theory was that this my husband didn’t even know who I was. 😭😭 That didn’t really matter to me anyways. I knew that one day he would also realize that we were supposed to be together forever.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to tell your friends when you have a crush but back then, you would have to hide it as if it was your deepest darkest secret. And I did. I also did everything in my power to get him to notice me but it wasn’t exactly happening like I planned, until one day; one fateful day.  One of my roommates who was also a class ahead of me had helped me to send a day student to get a dress for me to wear to the hostel party coming up in about  a week . (Hostel party was kind of like a social night but during the day. We had music, dance, games, nice clothes, boys and girls talking with no disturbance etc).

She had asked me to come to her class to collect the dress during the break. Note that she happened to be in the same arm as this my husband (let’s call him Kunle). When I got there, I stood at the door trying to scan the class for her when someone who was trying to go out mistakenly hit me on shoulder, I looked up and it was my husband, Kunle. Yessssss!!!!  Perfect love story😍. Just like I expected he said “oh my God,  I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” In my mind I was like “Of course baby, you could never hurt me. I’ll tell our three children this story” but in reality I was actually just staring at him like a dumbfounded fool.😭😭😭

He said sorry again and went away.  I stood there for about 5 more seconds before finally remembering what I was doing there. I found my roommate and collected what I was there to collect and started talking about other things. About five minutes into our conversation, she points behind me and goes “Oh Tomi,  have you met my school brother? Kunle, this is my roommate Tomi. Tomi this is Kunle.” He stretched out his hand to give me a handshake. I took the hand, still saying nothing and flashed my best smile. At least I thought it was, but I’m told it usually comes out looking something like this 😭😭😭

I didn’t want to let go of that hand but then he finally did the letting go. I said goodbye to my roommate and kept the hand in my pocket. I didn’t write any note for the rest of the day. I needed to preserve the hand that Kunle shook. I spent my remaining classes strategizing my next accidental bumps into him but none of them seemed perfect.

As God would have it, it turned out I didn’t even need the struggle because the next time we met was really accidental. It was almost a week later on a Thursday morning. I was the assistant class captain and I was going to submit a pile of notebooks to the staffroom when I just looked up and saw him walking towards me.

“Thump..thump..thump!” my heartbeat wouldn’t let me be great in peace. It was so loud I thought he would hear it. When he got to me, he casually said “Hi Tomi” and walked past. He remembered my name😁😁😁😁. That was me, grinning like a fool.  I walked into the staff room still wearing my foolish grin 😁. The teacher had to ask why I was smiling so much but I laughed it off. That smile stayed with me throughout every single period that day. Even Maths class.

Fast forward to after school that day. As I was stepping out of my class, guess who was passing. No one but my kunle. I actually found my voice this time and asked if he was stalking me. The conversation went something like this.

Me: Are you stalking me?

Kunle: Hahaha…You’re the one stalking me.

Me: Haha… that’s a lie you were the one passing in front of my class the same time I was coming out.

Kunle: Nope…you were the one that decided to come out the same time I was passing.

The conversation actually went well. We talked and laughed till we got to the front of the male hostel, mine was still a bit further and guys were not allowed to reach there so we stopped walking in front of his and kept talking.  Then he asked “Are you going for hostel party?” (Of course I was going but I didn’t know if he was) so I said “Ermm,  I’m not sure yet” and he says “Come naaah. What are you still thinking about? You better come. We’ll talk more then. See ya.” And off he went, into his hostel.

I let out the longest breath ever.  I didn’t even realize I had been holding my breath. I just had more than a 5-minute conversation with my husband. I just walked to the hostel with my husband. My husband wanted to talk more with me at hostel party. I was so excited. I smiled at everybody and said hi to random juniors on the way. I thanked my stars I had prepared a dress. All I had to do now was wait for the D-day.

Friday felt like the slowest day ever. I couldn’t wait for Saturday to come. I was going to be with Kunle at the hostel party. I was going to dazzle him with my fine face, fine dress and fine personality. He would be more than just my crush by the end of the party. My friends noticed I was different and they asked questions but there was no way I was telling them I had a crush (it was secondary school. In my time, it was a big deal!).

Thankfully, Saturday finally came. All my friends were ready to go but not me.  I had to look perfect for my Kunle. I delayed them so much. I kept applying and reapplying my white power, lip gloss and eye pencil (that was our make up thenπŸ˜‚) I couldn’t decide which shoe to wear. I couldn’t decide how to pack my hair. I couldn’t decide which accessories looked best. My friends finally got tired and left me. But finally, I WAS READY!!! I stepped out like a queen. A slay queen. And just as I stepped out of my room to the corridor, a heavy downpour began! No warning. No signs. Nothing at all. It just started raining cats and dogs.

Hahaha…the story continues but I’m tired lol. I will continue in my next post. If you can’t wait to read the rest of this story, let me know in the comments section. I just might post it during the week if your comments motivate me enough πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Thank you so much for reading. Have an amazing week ahead. Stay consistent.

Much love 😍

Your tiny-eyed storyteller.

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59 thoughts on “It rained on my parade…literally!!!

  1. I kept smiling all through the reading. I can totally relate…Comments of readers made me smile as well. Thank God part 2 is out so I don’t have to threaten you now because you cannot just conman be putting someone in suspense anyhowπŸ™„πŸ™„. Love you dear, well done!

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  2. Interesting and captivating! You know what? I was visualizing every words and the happenings as if I’m seeing a movie!!
    #So sad you had to stop there

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmm. All I am thinking of right now is to know that exact guy. Who kunle eppπŸ™„. People reading this won’t know how hostel party was like then. Me I sha know the end of the story

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  4. Wow captivating from the beginning to the not so end of the story, and the rain Haa wΓ²n ti get eeh, my conclusion you had to enter the rain just to see Kunle at the Party


  5. i laughed all through. Secondary school crushes were both the best and the worst lol… please do and continue the gist, i can’t wait!


  6. I actually wanna know what happened at the end oo, see the way you nah stopped half way….but ya village people were really after you oo…after all the preparation, the rain makers sent the rain…lol
    I enjoyed the read!!!

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