Yaaayyyyy…Merry Christmas y’all!!! I’ve not really been feeling the Christmas vibes over here and I know so many people feel the same. So here I am…your secret Santa, and this is my gift to you today. I’ll be telling you what you can do today to avoid being bored on Christmas day and to give yourself the Christmas vibes and feelings.
Say thank you to your Secret Santa😁😁😁

1. Exchange gifts.

If you haven’t already gotten Christmas gifts for your family and friends, then you’re wrong. You don’t have to spend too much on gifts for everyone. Just a few inexpensive but meaningful gifts would do. So you can quickly run out and get a gift for them 😁

2. Give to the needy

This is the time to spread the love. Give to those you know are in need. Give to that homeless man or woman on the street. Share your food with that person you know is hungry. Spread the love. It’s Christmas!

3. Play indoor games

Staying indoors on Christmas day can get boring. You can play games to eliminate the boredom. Be sure to choose an inclusive game that everyone can be a part of like monopoly, charades, or 20 questions and you’ll be having fun in no time 😊.

4. Cook cook cook

This is my best part of Christmas – experimenting in the kitchen. Irrespective of whether you are a guy or a girl,  Christmas cooking can be very fun if you allow it. You can make it a family activity so the stress would be reduced and everyone would participate. So get into the kitchen and let’s grill that chicken 😉.

5. Watch an old Christmas movie.

This is a perfect Christmas tradition idea. Let everyone gather around and play an old interesting Christmas movie and just enjoy the moment together. A funny movie would be best.. I don’t think we want to be crying on Christmas day😂. Some ideas of funny Christmas movies are:

  • Home Alone
  • Holiday Inn
  • Remember The Night
  • The Shop Around the Corner
  • Scrooged

And many more…

6. Share your best and worst Christmas experiences.

Let everyone share their Christmas experiences with one another, the best ones and the worst. This is usually really fun because it almost always leads to other gist and you’ll find yourselves moving from one topic of discussion to another in no time.

7. Sing and Listen to Christmas songs.

You can sing and listen to Christmas songs of your choice. For me, Chris Rio’s Afrobeat Cover of I’ll Be Home for Christmas has been on replay since morning. Click the link to listen. You’ll love it.

I hope y’all would have a really lovely Christmas after this. I wish you happy holidays. Don’t forget that Jesus is the reason for the season so keep celebrating Him.

Merry Christmas 🌲

Your tiny eyed storyteller 😍

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