“So you can see me?”: On catcalls and street harassment.

Sometimes, I try to ignore but sometimes it gets really annoying especially when the person touches me or says some really demeaning things to me. I honestly have no idea why some men do this because I’m so sure that they know how annoying it is. For God’s sake, catcalling is not a compliment! It’s really offensive to me but it looks like this is one menace that is not ending anytime soon.

One of those kind of days when I was walking on the road, some guys started “Eysssss eyssss bustyyyy, breasttt, come na lemme suckkk.” As usual, I got really upset but I just walked past them angrily. Then, I remembered something I saw on Twitter and I suddenly turned back and started walking towards them. They started with the whistles and talks again but I didn’t frown this time. I kept advancing towards them with purpose and a half-creepy smile plastered on my face.

As I got to where they were, one of them reached out to touch me and immediately I turned, looked at him with all the surprise I could muster and said “Wait..You can see me?” The guy stared confusedly at me and I repeated “So you can see me?” while I dramatically pinched myself in amazement. 

I reached out as if I wanted to touch him and immediately, with fear in his eyes, he pulled back and started walking away swiftly before breaking into a full run. His friends followed suit and they all started running, looking back at me in amazement while moving away from me as fast as their legs could carry them.

That singular moment was so happy and fulfilling for me. I don’t know if they’ll ever catcall any girl again but I’m sure if they ever see me again, they’ll think twice before being stupid.

Ladies, what is the most annoying experience you have had with being catcalled? Drop a comment, let’s talk about it.

2 thoughts on ““So you can see me?”: On catcalls and street harassment.

  1. Lmao!!! Mad mad! Good for them, rada rada. Catcalling is so disgustingly annoying. If you ignore, they start saying shit like ‘you’re not even fine, see your head’. Leave me alonnneee!!! I’m still going to get my taser aand pepper spray last last. Let’s all be mad together, mistakenly touch me like this, I pity your eyes mehn. It’s always a delight reading from you babe!


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