My First Paint-and-Sip Experience.

Hiiiiiiiii!!! Welcome back!

I feel like I need to explain why this blog is now My explanation might give you a little inkling into why I’ve been away for the longest time. So…my original blog was hacked. I don’t know what happened exactly but I just started getting a lot of spam posts like a LOTTTTTTTT. Akismet didn’t catch it for some reason and they didn’t stop coming. It also kept redirecting my users to strange sites. Anyhoo, you get the drift. I had to leave. But, we are here now. Of course, I’m super happy to be back. I’ve missed posting on the blog and telling all my Lagos gist. Soooo let’s get into it!

I’ve been wanting to be part of a paint-and-sip for the longest time but I’ve never actually gone through with it. Earlier this year, we had one at my workplace but I was unavoidably absent. So, I was super excited when I learnt there was going to be another paint-and-sip at the office. P.S. The social team at my office retreat is always the best. No cap!

If you don’t know what Paint-and-sip is, it is simply a group painting lesson accompanied by wine or other beverages. You don’t need to be an artist or be artistic in anyway to be a part of a paint-and-sip. That’s the best part. The emphasis is usually on the fun and there’s a lot of conversation and laughter rather than serious focus.

So yeah, I was excited. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I even know how to paint. I just really like the concept of creating art, sipping a drink and having fun with it. I was sure my painting was going to be bad but I honestly didn’t care. Like I said, I just wanted to have fun.

We were given everything we needed – Canvasses, paint, brushes, pencils, etc. Oh and most importantly, drinks. Again, shout out the team that put this together.

The painting instructor was a nice guy and he walked us through how it would go. He said we’d need to first sketch what we wanted to paint using a pencil and then begin painting. He made his sketch and then he said we could either follow his sketch and painting or sketch whatever we liked.

Of course, Tomi of Lagos is not regular so I opted to sketch my own thing 😭. I went to Pinterest and searched for a cute picture that I could paint. I thought it was just ordinary sketch ooo. You guys, I sketched and erased nothing less than 8 times.πŸ˜‚ Finally my sketch was done. The instructor had sketched a flower so I sketched a flower too; not the same type but at least they were both flowers so if I do nonsense, he’ll be able to help.🀣

Finally, it was time to start painting. Our instructor finished his painting in like five minutes while the rest of us were still struggling with mixing paint. This was his finished painting.

The rest of us spent the next hour or two working on our paintings and to be honest, it was fun! I realised that I actually like painting and it’s something I’d love to do more often. It was very therapeutic and soothing.

At the end of the day, I finally finished my painting and no, I didn’t do too badly. See me and my finished work.

So in the end, it actually turned out nice. Here’s a few pictures of some other people’s paintings from that day.

And these were my favourite paintings from the session:

My favourite paintings from the session.

Yep. Turns out my colleagues are like super talented artists.

Anddddd, that is that about my first paint-and-sip session. I’m selling my painting to the highest bidder so if you want to purchase it, just name your price.πŸ˜‚

I’m also currently in search of any paint-and-sip venues or events in Lagos so if you know any, please drop a comment. If you’ve ever been part of a paint-and-sip session, how did it go? Did you enjoy it??? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading. It feels good to be back!!!

Much love,

Tomi of Lagos.

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