Your perfect guide to quickly do and blow!

I know you want to quickly do and blow. And you will…right after reading this.

When I was primary school, I attempted being an athlete. Yes. I ran track. No…I wasn’t any good. Now, that we’re over that, let me say my story.

We used to have sports on Thursday mornings in my school and Aunty Joy, the tuck shop vendor, would bring some snacks, sweets and water to the field for pupils to buy from her. I was about to run a 100m race and we were on our mark but the sports master seemed to be doing something else so we were just squatting and waiting.

After some time, I left to buy something from Aunty Joy. I can’t even remember what it was. I just remember waiting to collect my change and suddenly hearing the whistle for the race to start. I looked up and saw the other contestants running so I started running from where I was 😂 Needless to say, even if I was the fastest runner there, there is no way I could have won that race. I was not on my mark. I was unprepared!

See, the first thing you need to know about success is that it doesn’t come overnight. It also does not come by mistake. Success comes from being prepared for opportunity.

It’s easy to think that most successful people were just lucky when in reality, they were just really prepared. They were on their mark. So when the whistle was blown, all they needed to do was run. When opportunity came, it was easy for them to grab it. What you think is just luck, is actually the result of someone’s carefully planned, and consistently executed moves.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

Louis Pasteur

What I’m trying to say here is this: Even if you think success comes by luck, being prepared for opportunities to succeed will greatly increase your chances of being “lucky”.

That’s why I’m sharing these tips for making moves and preparing yourself for opportunities:

  1. Never stop learning – Stay curious. Make learning a habit. Don’t ever get to a point where you think you’ve completed improving yourself. It’s a journey that never really ends. If you keep adding value to yourself and growing, you’ll always be ready when opportunity comes.
  2. Put yourself out there – Be proactive. Is there a gap you know how to fill? Do it. Is there a problem you can foresee at work? Proffer a solution. Are you looking for certain specific opportunities? Tweet about it. A closed mouth is a closed destiny…and that’s on period!
  3. Network intelligently – I say intelligently because “Hi, I want you to be my mentor” is not intelligent networking. You’re putting the burden of doing work on the person you’re reaching out to. Instead, think about how you can add value to them. Find a way to be of benefit and put that foot forward instead.
  4. Create your own opportunities – If all else fails, create your own opportunities. Step out of your comfort zone. Self-publish your own book. Create speaking opportunities for yourself. Put your own course together. Set up your own event. Just find and pursue your own niche.

Do these tips guarantee that you will blow? I truly cannot answer that. I can tell you for free though that they will greatly increase your chances and that…is better than nothing.

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Love always,

Tomi of Lagos

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