I’m taking a gamble on myself! | #WinterABC

Hi guys! How are you doing? I hope you are staying safe and staying protected?

I also hope you’re staying safe mentally and emotionally and taking time for yourself if you need to. Remember that it’s okay to take a step back. Take some time off social media or mute any accounts that may be sharing information that is too overwhelming. It’s totally okay to take care of yourself first. The fight will continue and you will be strong enough to join it later.

I’m sure you’re wondering what Winter ABC is and I’m going to tell you. I belong to a tiny bloggers’ group where we share blog ideas and encourage each other. Shout out to Jovi for championing this. Anyway, one of us dropped a link to this blogging challenge called the WinterABC challenge, organised by The Afrobloggers.

The challenge basically involves committing to posting everyday on the blog for 22 days (weekdays) in the month of June. The challenge has provided topics to blog about and this could actually be a podcast, a blog post or a YouTube video. I genuinely thought about doing this on my YouTube channel but if I’m being honest, I might not be able to keep up with creating video content everyday for 22 days. I even hope I’m able to keep up with it here on my blog but we shall see. I’m taking a gamble on myself and I hope I can get to the finish line.

This is me saying that I’m ready to do this!!! I hope you guys will love the content I’d be putting out and interact with it. If you’re not subscribed to my blog, please subscribe so you don’t miss any of these posts.

If you’re a blogger and you haven’t heard about this challenge before, you can still join in! Just visit The Afrobloggers website to see the rules for the challenge. You can also join at anytime in June regardless of when you see this post. Just hit me up to send you the list of topics.

So that’s it. We locomote!!! Can’t wait to see what this future holds.


Tomi of Lagos.

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