Of Tiny Eyes and Storytelling | #WinterABC #Day2

From time to time, I sit back and think about what my blog is now and what it was when I started. And I’m usually unable to do that without thinking of who I am now and who I was when I started.

When I started this blog, it was called Through my Tiny Eyes. As you might have guessed, I do have tiny eyes and I loved to tell stories about stuff that had happened or were happening to me. This blog was a place for me to do that. A place to share everything I spied with my tiny eyes. I really enjoyed having a place to share these stories.

But as time passed, I realised my stories somehow had a lesson to help my audience grow. To help them become better people. And I knew immediately that I wanted to share more than just stories. I wanted to inspire people. I wanted to share life. I wanted to share my struggles. I wanted to share all of me and help people be the best version of themselves.

In the middle of all this, my blog got hacked and I didn’t have complete control over that domain again. I then thought ” Hmmm this will be a good time to rebrand.” I decided to use an identity that was fundamentally me (Tomi of Lagos) which was already my Instagram handle and that is what birthed the blog you have now.

I am definitely not the person that I was when I started blogging, just like my blog isn’t what it was when I started either. We have both helped each other grow in numerous ways. This blog has taught me discipline and consistency. It has taught me to show up every time and that even when you fail to show up many times, the only way to get back in line is to show up again. I’ve helped my blog grow too by creating great content for my audience.

I’m not a motivational speaker but I do hope that every life nugget or tip I drop here somehow helps you to be a better you. My vision for this blog remains to share life (my life and life in general) with my audience and hopefully have fun with them while inspiring them to be a better version of themselves everyday. This is a lifetime journey and I’m grateful for everyone that is on this journey with me. Here’s to being the best version of ourselves. 🥂


Tomi of Lagos

2 thoughts on “Of Tiny Eyes and Storytelling | #WinterABC #Day2

  1. Hey Tomi of Lagos, I get you about how one somehow always evolves with their blog and that’s the important thing growth and self discovery. I look forward to catching up and seeing the word through your tiny eyes


  2. I have always loved to see the world through your tiny eyes and think the name change is fine as well.

    I remember the first time I visited your blog and how impressed I was by your world views.

    I look forward to many more years of receiving all of you as you are willing to share with us.


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