Let’s talk comfort foods | #WinterABC #Day3

When people ask me what my favourite food is, I always say one of two things:

  1. I don’t have a favourite food.
  2. Chicken and Chips, Ice-cream for dessert.

I’ll explain. I do not have a favourite food. There are foods I like which include fried plantain, pasta, fruit salads, samosas etc. But none of these are my favourite foods. I have a tendency to be very indecisive and one of the things I’ve never been able to decide on is which food I like best. It’s hard enough to decide which food I want to eat at a given time and now you want me to pick one food that is my favourite of all time?!! No dear.

So why do I sometimes say “Chicken and Chips, Ice cream for dessert”? This meal is what I would call my comfort food. When I’m under physical or emotional stress, I usually just want to curl up in bed with fries, KFC chicken and a tub of ice-cream. It’s my most comforting meal. So when I answer chicken and chips, I’m really changing your question in my head to “What is your comfort food?” or “What is your most comforting meal?” Comfort foods generally give me emotional comfort and I feel like that is enough reason for it to sometimes double as my favourite meal.

Now you’re wondering, “You’ve mentioned many meals you like but none of them is a local food. Do you not like local foods?” Oh you weren’t wondering that??? It’s okay. I’ll tell you regardless. I don’t like a lot of local foods but if I had to pick, it will be Fufu with classy seafood Okra. I had the best version of this meal I have ever tasted from Tinu’s Royal Kitchen and I reached the conclusion that this is my best local meal. You want to know the logic behind it? Here:

My favourite local swallow = Fufu

My favourite local soup = Seafood Okra

Thus, my favourite local meal = Fufu + Seafood Okra

Genius right?! But can this be my comfort food? No way! It’s too heavy to be comforting abeg. I also can’t be crying and trying to lick okra soup that is drawing all the way to my elbow 🤣. You get the point.

Anyway, my favourite thing about comfort foods is how you momentarily forget your distress and just let the meal soothe your soul. Let me let you in on a little secret. We all have comfort foods even if you may not have realised yours yet! So think about it deeply and tell me: What is your comfort food??? Drop your answer in the comments while I go and find myself some chicken and chips.


Tomi of Lagos

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk comfort foods | #WinterABC #Day3

  1. I am sure I have so many foods that qualify as my comfort foods.

    Plantain is definitely on my list but then again, so are Red Velvet Cake with Cheese Cream, Chocolate Cake with Whipped cream and a chilled glass of Flirt Vodka Lemon Flavour mixed with Sprite.

    If I was crying, I would definitely feel comforted after eating these🤗


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