5 Fun Things to do while observing Social Distancing | #WinterABC #Day5

Hey you! How are you holding up?

Sometimes, I’m just on my bed or in the bathroom and the reality randomly hits me again. WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A FREAKING PANDEMIC! It’s funny how I’m not freaking out anymore the way I was at the beginning of this thing. I followed some tips I shared in this article to help me stay calm and stop panicking.

Today, I’ll be sharing some fun things I’ve been exploring while doing my best to stay socially distanced. You should definitely try them too. A fun thing a day, keeps the boredom away 😂

  • Learn something fun you’ve been wanting to learn.

NO. It doesn’t need to be something serious. Just think of something fun you’ve always wanted to learn.

For me, I learnt how to use Tik Tok. This sounds easy but trust me, it isn’t. I sent hours trying to understand how this app works and in one of those hours, I realised how old I’m getting. Imagine a whole me, struggling to understand how to use a simple social video app. I eventually got the hang of it and made some fun Tik Tok videos. Now when I’m bored, I whip out my phone and do a Tik Tok video. It’s fun. Trust me. You won’t even realize when all the time has passed.

I also learnt how to play poker and I’ve been loving every second of it.

  • Give yourself a makeover

When you find yourself going down the boredom spiral, whip out your makeup brushes or grooming kit and give yourself a makeover. You can take some before and after pictures too! You’d surely enjoy it.

  • Play Song Association with friends over Zoom

You probably already know what Song Association Game is. What I’ve been doing with my friends is playing song association over Zoom! If you go to GamesRUs on YouTube, you’d find yourself down the rabbit hole of Song Association challenges. One person just needs to open the Youtube page and share their screen and there you go!

  • Play Dress Up

When next you feel bored, you can also play dress up. Bring out all those clothes you haven’t worn in a while and play dress up. Take pictures and videos for your instagram page and you can even make a Tik Tok video!

  • Play virtual games with friends

There are bunch of games you can play virtually with friends. My absolute best is Fight List. I enjoy how much it makes me think and also feel superior when I win. 😂

That’s my list for you. Have fun and stay safe my darling!


Tomi of Lagos

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