Ginger is the absolute worst!

The most annoying thing in this life is ginger!

If you don’t know what it means to be gingered, it’s basically being extremely fired up….temporarily. Ginger is that thing you feel when you are in the audience of one of those “aspire to perspire” events and then in a few days you wonder where all that fire went.

Ginger is the thing that makes you carry pen and paper to start doing monthly budget after you run into somebody that bought Benz.

Ginger is the thing that is making me write this blog post right now after realizing I haven’t posted at all this year.

Ginger is a pretty strong force. I mean…it can inspire you to think about or make decisions or ideas that you ordinarily wouldn’t be bothered to. But that’s not the problem with ginger. The problem with ginger is how temporary it is. It’s so momentary. So fleeting. It’s like being on a swing but only swinging back and forth once. That single back and forth is not really enough to launch your swing to higher heights and with time, the swing will come to a complete stop.

See how we were making new year resolutions with so much determination.

“I will stop procrastinating”

“I will get in shape”

“I will cook”

“I will read more books”

But look at it nowwww! It’s just day 10 and all that fire is already nowhere to be found. Ginger does that to you. After pushing you to make all the mouth in the world, ginger will desert you and leave you wondering where you want to start from. And that’s why it’s good be gingered…but if you run with just ginger, you will be heading in the wrong direction. Or in no direction at all.

What do I now do with all my ginger? My darling, here’s what I know:

  1. Acknowledge what it is. That it is just ginger and that it will go. Don’t beat yourself up when your alarm rings by 5:30 am and you don’t feel the same urge to workout that you were feeling when you penciled in 5:30am as your new daily workout time. You were gingered but ginger leaves and that’s okay. This brings me to the next point which is to…
  2. Use it. Acknowledging that what you feel is ginger will let you know that this is a temporary feeling and you need to take advantage of it ASAP. When you are gingered, don’t procrastinate. Don’t keep the idea in your head and say you’ll do it later. Start immediately. I woke up this morning gingered to blog and let me just tell you, if I didn’t write this post now, I probably wouldn’t have written it again anytime this week.
  3. Be honest with yourself. It’s tempting to set unrealistic goals when you’re gingered. But the truth is that you know yourself. You know you will not wake up by 5:30am every single day to work out. At that moment, you feel like you can but you know you won’t. If you’re deceiving anybody else, don’t deceive yourself, you’d be doing yourself a disservice. Be honest and set realistic goals for yourself.
  4. Follow through. When you’ve set realistic goals for yourself, following through will be easier. I put some tips in this post that will help with seeing your set goals to the end.
  5. Most importantly, if you fail, do it again. One of the things that deflates ginger quickly is failure. That’s why you need to determine even before you start that you will not let failure discourage you. If you fail, start again!

There’s my two cents on ginger and I hope this helps you to start doing more with those fleeting moments of fire.

Love, ❤️

Tomi of Lagos

4 thoughts on “Ginger is the absolute worst!

  1. I honestly thought this post was about the plant, the frequent collaborator with garlic, ginger. But oh well!

    I really like the part about getting it done while it’s hot. That’s some really practical advice, like everything else. Thanks for sharing!

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